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Used Products

What makes our pre-owned units different from just about everyone else? We NEVER purchase AUCTION, RE-PO, or INSURANCE RE-SALE units. Most units are those hard to find machines you dream about: like new condition, VERY low miles, and original owners. Because of our large customer base, we have access to a very diverse selection of units, and we can afford to be picky. In most cases, we know the unit's owner personally. You know exactly what you are getting, with little or no risk. Financing available on most offered units!!!

If you have a used named-brand ATV, motorcycle or scooter that you want to sell, click here and allows us to sell it for you!

SSR 125 Dirtbike $899.99
Picture of (SSR 125 Dirtbike)

Limited Time Offer, sale ends December 10th. 

2008 SYM RV 250 4400 ORIG MILES!! $2199.00
Picture of (2008 SYM RV 250   4400 ORIG MILES!!)
Available Pictures: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

Original owner purchased new from us, complete service records.  It is in perfect, like new mechanical order, just buy and ride!  This is a serious open-road capable scooter, liquid cooled engine, top speed 80mph.  It's BIG, tons of storage space, two-up riding no problem.  4400 original miles!  FINANCING AVAILABLE

TR200 Mini Bike $699.99
Picture of (TR200 Mini Bike)